When you’re operating your shot blaster, you’re seeing the effects of high velocity shot being propelled onto a surface. It’s powerful enough to remove paint, strip urethane coating, and create a rough, highly textured concrete surface. The same action you see outside of the shot blaster is occurring inside the shot blaster.

To reduce wear and damage to the inside of your shot blaster, a shot blaster liner should be equipped, preferably a heavy metal option. However, the inner liner does need to be replaced from time to time – otherwise, the constant exposure to extreme abrasive shot will break down the liner and ruin the cabinet. To help you understand a bit about when and how to replace your shot blaster liner, we’ve provided you with a convenient guide.

Signs of a Failing Shot Blaster Liner

You should check your cabinet interior on a regular basis to catch any signs of wear before it becomes a problem. Signs that your liner is failing include:

  • Shot propelled out of the blaster from the sides or top of the cabinet
  • Holes or dents on the cabinet coming from the inside.
  • A change in sound when the machine is running.
  • A wavy or rippled look inside the interior of the cabinet.

If there is a hole in the machine that’s causing shot to escape or be propelled out of the sides or top, don’t use the machine until it can be repaired. For other issues, check the liner to see if that is where the issue is.

Changing the Shot Blaster Liner with Regular Maintenance

The better option than waiting for damage to occur is to change your liner with regular maintenance. If you use a shot blaster “full-time,” you’ll want to inspect it at least once a month and replace it annually.

Check out our guide and video to get a step-by-step walk through on how to change your shot blaster liner!

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