Having a ride-on floor scraper can make short work of a massive task, and if you work in large spaces, you should definitely have one in your equipment inventory. However, they’re not ideal for every situation, as you’ve probably encountered. Before you devote hours of back-breaking labor to using a manual floor scraper, we’re going to share why you need a hand-held electric floor scraper and when you can get the most mileage from them.

When to Use a Floor Scraper

If you are working on polishing concrete, you’ll need a floor grinder, and if you need to profile concrete to lay down a coating, a scarifier is the tool you’ll need. However, if you need to remove a floor covering or remove full sheets of thick surface coating, you’ll need a commercial floor scraper for the job.

Floor scrapers are used to remove virtually any floor or surface coating, including:

  • Thick mastic or rubber floor coatings
  • Wood or parquet
  • Laminate, vinyl, and linoleum
  • Ceramic tile and thinset
  • Carpet and tack strip

Plus, some scrapers can be used to strip outdoor surfaces, like tennis court and sports track coating in order to prepare them for a new surface.

When to Choose a Hand Held Electric Floor Scraper

While a ride-on or walk-behind floor scraper is great for large, open spaces, they simply aren’t practical for every situation. Their weight and turning radius may be too large for the area in which you’re working.

Fortunately, the Bullystripper 8-inch Floor Scraper from ROLL offers the convenience and speed of its larger walk-behind and ride-on models in the lightweight, portable form of a manual scraper. While it has a t-bar handle so you can walk upright behind it, it can be used as a hand-held model, and can still tackle all the floor coverings we listed above.

This piece of equipment is ideal for working in small areas like offices, residential rooms, niches, or stairwells. It can also be used to supplement your larger commercial floor scraper when you need to get close to walls. Additionally, when you run into expansion joints, using a hand-held electric scraper allows you to remove them easily. without worrying about going over them with your ride-on floor scraper and damaging your blade.

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