Ride-on floor scrapers have revolutionized the way we approach flooring removal, offering unmatched speed, precision, and productivity compared to traditional methods. 

A commercial floor scraper is one of the most versatile and useful tools you can have in your surface preparation equipment inventory. Manual “shovel-style” scrapers can take hours or even days of back-breaking labor. Alternatively, commercial floor prep equipment allows you to easily take up sheets of flooring, reaching all the way down to the base or subfloor in a short period of time. 

The three main types of commercial scrapers offered by our floor prep experts at Buy Manufacturers Direct are hand held, walk-behind, and ride-on. While each type of floor-scraping equipment is useful in flooring demolition, we aim to show you exactly why a ride-on floor scraper is the ideal tool to achieve the greatest results for your projects. 

Why You Need a Ride-On Floor Scraper

Floor scrapers offer the versatility that most other surface preparation equipment can’t provide. While floor grinders and shot blasters are great for concrete and stone, floor scrapers and floor strippers can take up the following materials: 

  • Carpet and tack strip
  • Tile and mortar or thinset
  • Rubber or mastic coatings
  • Wood or parquet
  • Vinyl or linoleum floor coverings

Floor scrapers can also be used outdoors to take up asphalt and rubberized coatings on sports tracks and tennis courts, giving you the enhanced ability to take on a wider variety of jobs and increase your specialization. 

A ride-on floor scraper can easily remove layers of those materials in a fraction of the time it takes to use a manual or even a walk-behind scraper. While different models vary in speed, they range from 150 feet per minute for battery-powered varieties to over 400 feet per minute for the larger propane-powered models. This gives you a massive increase in productivity while reducing worker fatigue. 

When Should You Use a Ride-On Floor Scraper?

Having a powerful, ride-on floor scraper is ideal when you’re working in an open, level space with few to no impediments, like columns, walls, or furnishings. 

Many flooring contractors use ride-on floor scrapers for: 

  • Outdoor spaces, including playground surface, basketball court, and tennis court resurfacing
  • Gymnasiums
  • Warehouses
  • Office buildings
  • Retail establishments
  • Schools
  • Basements or garages
  • Common areas in dorms, apartment buildings, and other communal living spaces.

OEM Ride-On Floor Scrapers

At Buy Manufacturers Direct, we’re dedicated to helping you find the best surface prep equipment for your project needs. With a variety of ride-on floor scrapers from OEM available for sale, our equipment varieties offer everything from compact and maneuverable models ideal for residential projects to heavy-duty machines designed for commercial and industrial applications. 

Let’s take a look at the features and capabilities offered by our range of ride-on floor scrapers available from the trusted OEM brand for you to choose from. 

Cyclone SS Ride-On Floor Scraper

ride-on floor scraper

Engineered with energy efficiency and zero emissions in mind, the Cyclone SS ride-on floor scraper is not just a floor scraper–it’s a productivity powerhouse. With selectable speed options, this commercial-grade machine offers unparalleled performance, effortlessly tackling the toughest flooring removal tasks while minimizing operator fatigue. 

As part of your purchase, you’ll receive essential accessories such as the TTA Tile Tooth Holder and the TT-02 Tungsten Carbide Tile Tooth, ensuring optimal versatility and efficiency. Moreover, with the onboard 110v charger and the stand-alone 208/230 Volt charger included, you’ll enjoy added convenience and flexibility in charging the machine, maximizing uptime and workflow efficiency. 

Lightning Ride-On Floor Scraper

ride-on floor scraper

Crafted to be lightweight yet powerful, this propane-powered marvel is your go-to companion when you need optimal maneuverability without compromising on performance. The Lightning ride-on floor scraper excels in swiftly removing various flooring materials, making it the perfect choice for contractors and professionals working on large-scale jobs. 

With an included 20 lb. propane tank, you can count on uninterrupted operation, ensuring maximum productivity throughout the task at hand. Equipped with essential accessories like the TTA Tile Tooth Attachment and the TT-02 2″ Tungsten Carbide Tile Tooth, the Lightning offers unmatched versatility to meet your diverse surface preparation needs. 

Storm SS Ride-On Floor Scraper

ride-on floor scraper

The Storm SS ride-on floor scraper is a formidable combination of power and efficiency tailored to meet the demands of modern surface preparation. This battery-powered machine is not only robust but also environmentally friendly, offering a sustainable solution for your floor removal needs. With selectable speed capabilities, the Storm SS ensures optimal performance while conserving energy, allowing you to tackle tough jobs with ease while reducing overall operational costs. 

Alongside the floor scraper, your purchase includes essential accessories such as the SMTP-006-TTA Tile Tooth Adapter and the SMW-006 Transport Dolly, enhancing the machine’s versatility and mobility on the job site. Additionally, equipped with the SMBBB-12 Blade Bar Bottom and SMBBT-12 Blade Bar Top, the Storm SS delivers precision and efficiency in removing various flooring materials. 

Twister Ride-On Floor Scraper

ride-on floor scraper

As the largest and most powerful model in its class, the Twister ride-on floor scraper is engineered to handle extensive tasks efficiently and effectively, making it the go-to choice for contractors and professionals working on large-scale projects. 

With the purchase of the Twister, you’ll receive essential accessories to enhance versatility and convenience on the job site. The TTA Tile Tooth Holder and the TT-02 Tungsten Carbide Tile Tooth ensure optimal cutting power and efficiency, allowing you to tackle various flooring materials with ease. Additionally, the inclusion of the TWP-001 33 lb. liquid propane tank ensures uninterrupted operation, providing ample fuel for prolonged use. 

Experience the unmatched power and reliability of the Twister ride-on floor scraper and revolutionize your commercial floor removal projects today.

Hurricane Ride-On Floor Scraper

ride-on floor scraper

Equipped with a robust 25HP Kohler propane-powered motor, the Hurricane ride-on floor scraper is built to tackle various flooring materials with ease, making it the ideal choice for both small and medium-sized projects. 

Each purchase of the Hurricane includes essential accessories to enhance its performance and versatility on the job site. The TTA Tile Tooth Holder and the TT-02 Tungsten Carbide Tile Tooth ensure precise and efficient cutting, allowing you to achieve professional results with minimal effort. 

Whether you’re working on a residential renovation or a commercial flooring project, the Hurricane ride-on floor scraper delivers unmatched speed and maneuverability, allowing you to complete your tasks quickly and effortlessly. 

Taylor Tools Bronco Ride-On Floor Strippers

The Taylor Tools Bronco ride-on floor strippers are available in two powerful models to cater to diverse flooring removal needs with unmatched efficiency and reliability. 

Bronco Propane Operated Ride-On Stripper

ride-on floor scraper

The Bronco 260P.G2 propane ride-on stripper boasts a new and improved design to elevate your stripping experience. With dimensions of 48 x 29 x 44 inches and weighing 1,240 lbs., this machine is equipped with a 20HP 220V single-phase motor operating at 3450 RPM, ensuring swift and thorough removal of various flooring materials.Capable of speeds up to 400 ft./min. the 260P.G2 propane operated stripper delivers unparalleled efficiency, making it an indispensable tool for large-scale flooring removal projects.

Bronco Battery-Powered Ride-On Stripper

ride-on floor scraper

Also from the Taylor Tools brand, the Bronco hybrid battery-powered ride-on stripper is designed for versatility and ease of use in confined spaces. Measuring a mere 56 inches in length, this compact yet powerful machine is perfect for maneuvering in tight areas and fitting into elevators with ease. Despite its size, the hybrid model packs a punch with an 11.3 HP continuous motor and a peak power of 22.6 HP, ensuring efficient and thorough stripping operations. With a travel speed exceeding 225 ft. per minute, you can trust the stripping machine to get the job done quickly and effectively. 

Be sure to visit Buy Manufacturers Direct’s YouTube channel for an informative video on Battery vs. Propane Operated Ride-On Floor Scrapers to help you make a decision on which of these machines is best for you.

Using the Right Accessories with Your Ride-On Floor Scraper

Choosing the right accessories for your ride-on floor scraper is crucial for optimizing its performance and efficiency. Whether you’re tackling a commercial project or a residential renovation, the right floor scraper accessories can make all the difference in achieving professional results. 

Here are some essential accessories to consider for your ride-on floor scraper:

  • Tile Tooth Attachments: Tile tooth attachments are indispensable for effectively removing ceramic, porcelain, and other types of tile flooring. 
  • Carbide Blades: Carbide blades are ideal for cutting through tough materials like adhesive, carpet, and vinyl flooring. 
  • Propane Tanks: If your ride-on floor scraper is powered by propane, it’s essential to have spare propane tanks on hand to ensure uninterrupted operation. 
  • Transport Dollies: Transport dollies are invaluable for maneuvering your ride-on floor scraper around the job site with ease. 
  • Battery Packs: If your ride-on floor scraper is battery-powered, having additional battery packs is essential for extended runtime. 
  • Chargers: Having multiple chargers ensures that you can recharge your batteries efficiently, keeping your machine powered up and ready for action.
  • Blade Bars: Blade bars provide additional weight and stability to your ride-on floor scraper, allowing it to exert more pressure on the flooring surface for faster and more effective removal. 

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