“Why are these Prep/Master floor grinders so expensive?” We get asked that a lot here at Buy Manufacturers Direct, and it’s understandable if you’ve just started looking for a floor grinding machine. After all, what sets Prep/Master apart from the other brands? Aren’t they basically all the same?

Not quite.

To help you understand what makes Prep/Master a top-quality brand with equipment worth investing in, we’re going to break down some of the features and how we can predict durability.

Comparing Measurable Data

When it comes to surface preparation equipment, horsepower, size, and productive capacity are generally very easy to measure and verify. Let’s consider the Prep/Master 3038LP Propane Floor Grinder:

  • 38 horsepower Kawasaki motor
  • A working width of 30 inches
  • Versatile in handling small projects and large projects up to 10,000 square feet.

This is one of our more popular models because blends the power and size to quickly tackle large tasks with ease. This improves efficiency, saving you labor and time, and increasing your profits. While this is just one example, when comparing similar-sized concrete grinders, you can see how Prep/Master comes out ahead.

Predicting Durability in Prep/Master Floor Grinders

While horsepower, size, and production are all easy to measure, precision and quality are harder to quantify. However, by digging into how the machine is made, we can see the difference.

Precision is key to durability, especially in how the gears move. Rotary gears should never touch, but think of how gears spin – many Prep/Master tools operate at 500 RPMs, so those gears are turning at 500 rotations per minute. That means it’s turning 30,000 times an hour, 240,000 times in a work day. That adds up to over 62 million revolutions in a year! The only way a floor grinder can withstand that operation and keep the gears operating smoothly and independently is through precision and craftsmanship.

Prep/Master grinders are designed to a precision within 0.001″ – that’s about the thickness of a human hair. The steel quality and materials needed to cut the steel to this accuracy as well as the construction of the machine are expensive to produce.

Manufacturers using inexpensive, sub-grade metal and plastic components in order to make a cheape floor grinder simply won’t achieve the results you need, and definitely won’t hold up to 62 million revolutions per year.

Considering Quality in a Floor Grinder

In addition to the precise design, Prep/Master uses high quality components that are made to hold up to thousands of hours of heavy duty work. Consider the electrical system of a Prep/Master 3030 Electric Floor Grinding Machine – this system must be able to hold up to hostile environmental conditions, jarring vibrations for hours at a time, and being pushed at different speeds. In order to hold up cheap parts simply won’t cut it for long-term use.

When it comes to a purchasing a concrete grinder that will get you the results you need and hold up over time, you owe it to your business to look beyond the price tag and get the best machine for the job, not the cheapest.

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