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Blastrac Floor Scrapers and Accessories

Blastrac is a global leader in surface preparation equipment, known for the  commitment to quality, durability, and innovation they show in their products from their large, ride-on  commercial floor scrapers to their scraper accessories.

Whether you choose an emission-free, battery-powered model or the elevated production speed of the propane driven scrapers, they run efficiently without sacrificing power, leading to lower operating costs and less down time. With walk-behind, self-propelled models that are ideal for both interior and exterior projects, you can complete small to medium sized renovation projects quickly. The ride-on scrapers are ideal for medium to large projects, easily scraping all types of materials including parquet, ceramic tile, carpet, vinyl, and adhesives.

A History of Excellence and Innovation

Founded in the 1970s, they quickly became a leader in shot blasting equipment used for cleaning and preparing ship decks, aircraft carriers, and airport runways. As they developed and improved upon technology used in media blasting, grinding, and other forms of concrete preparation, they became widely known for the Blastrac floor scrapers.

Based in Oklahoma, they continue to support the domestic economy and keep manufacturing and engineering jobs on American soil. Even after several decades, they continue to stay at the forefront of surface preparation equipment manufacturing by offering environmentally-friendly, efficient, highly effective products used across all types of industries, including:

  • Flooring
  • Painting
  • Demolition
  • Shipyards
  • Contracting and maintenance
  • Concrete and asphalt remediation

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We are proud to align ourselves with a brand dedicated to manufacturing durable, efficient surface preparation equipment that allows our customers to get their projects done effectively, safely, and in less time! To receive your best price on any equipment listed here, please contact a BMD representative at 815-278-1308.