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Pulse-Bac Dust Collectors and Vacuum Products

It’s no surprise that the creators of the original self-cleaning vacuum know quite a bit about dust collection and cleaning. In fact, Pulse-Bac, an Oklahoma-based company, is a leader in commercial vacuums and dust collecting equipment, filters, and accessories. Known globally for their expertise and experience in designing and manufacturing the equipment, tools, and accessories necessary for successful dust cleanup, they make jobsites safer, healthier, and cleaner.

Surface preparation and flooring professionals will especially benefit from Pulse-Bac dust collectors. As you operate floor grinders, shot blasters, and other equipment, you know the large amount of dust that is created from concrete, terrazzo, stone, and other surfaces. Not only is this dust unpleasant and messy, it can also be dangerous.

Concrete and other materials contain silica, which, when breathed in, can cause serious, chronic lung problems. To keep workers safe, OSHA has recently created a Silica Dust Standard that lays out strict regulations regarding on-site dust cleanup to minimize illness. We carry the Pulse-Bac dust collectors that ensure compliance and help keep your team safe.

Pulse-Bac Filters and Equipment

In addition to dust collection equipment, we carry the corresponding HEPA-certified Pulse-Bac replacement filters to keep your equipment working efficiently and help you maintain safe air quality.

While the 1000/2000 Series comes with attached wheels to connect to your grinder, the 500 Series does not because it is often used with hand grinding and edge grinding. To improve maneuverability in difficult-to-reach areas, we carry a 500 Series dolly.

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We are proud to carry Pulse-Bac because we know they provide durable, long-lasting equipment that provides the power necessary to get the job done both quickly and thoroughly. To learn more about our inventory of Pulse-Bac filters, collectors, and more, contact us today at 815-472-9740.